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Being A Christian is More than Just Going to Church

There are some Christians who may struggle to separate their faith from the church where they worship.  They aren’t the only ones, for many outside the Christian faith having faith and going to church are completely intertwined.  The church has long been established as an essentially part of being a follower of Christ,  that being a Christian is more than just going to church services on Sunday mornings.  Christianity goes beyond the physical buildings and it is our duty to carry Christ around in your hearts.  That being said, don’t overlook Sunday services and their importance either.

Church is a big part of faith

There will always be a place in the community and your heart for a church.  A church is more than just a building with walls it is there to serve the community, outside of the Sunday service rituals.  If you are comfortable in your faith and your relationship with God then you may have gone beyond your local ministry.  However you can still work with your church for the betterment of the community.  However being bored with your church services doesn’t mean that there is necessarily an issue with your faith or your relationship with God.

Following Jesus

You may be ready for more in your life than just the church.  Think of Jesus’s life for a moment, it wasn’t confined to the four walls of a church.  Instead it was constantly evolving as he took his message of love and peace out into the world.  He may have begun his life visiting various temples and listening to the rabbis make their sermons, that didn’t last long.  Jesus took his message and became a teacher and a healer.  He shocked the Jews at the time by healing the sick on the Sabbath.  Jesus was a leader among men, using his ability to prophesy to guide his people into the future.  Jesus, like you, didn’t need the temple he still had a relationship with his Father no matter where he went.

Sometimes you just need a reminder that faith is part of our spirit and it is changing all the time.  While your church can be a very big part of your faith, it is filled with holy images and fellowship and prayer, you take your faith with you no matter where you go.  There may come a time in your faith where communal worship and the ritual of weekly attendance doesn’t strengthen your relationship with God and that is okay too.  The church will still be here for other functions and we will be waiting for your return.